Manufacturer and Supplier of Wood Souvenir Items. Our products are 100% Handcrafted, Unique, Elegant and Simply Creative.

In the company’s continuing effort to provide good quality products, we have decided to develop our strength and advantages over our competitors. Wood and Lumber products have always been our strength and with the completion of the newest member of AHD Group of Companies, Woodtech Builders, a wood processing and manufacturing facility located in Mindanao, we are poised to improve our market share in the coming years.

From the start of the year, we have been restructuring and streamlining our operation to better serve our customers, which includes closing down non-essential operations and the transfer to a new, bigger and better warehouse in Consolacion, Cebu to be able to increase our stocks inventory and improve our performance.


To be able to steadfastly expand the business organization throughout the Philippines and maintain an image of bringing high quality products at affordable prices within reach and every Filipino.


  1. To be able to capture a significant percentage of the Central Visayas Construction market particularly in Metro Cebu through expansion and improved products by:
    1. Expanding in booming areas in Metro Cebu
    2. Maintaining good customer service in every transactions
    3. Maintaining and increasing our customer base
    4. Satisfying and fulfilling every customer’s demands and requests
    5. Fulfilling the needs of the market

Core Values


onsistently Persistent




esponsively customer relations


arnestly established